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Refurbishment of bedrooms in ECO style in Blanes, Tossa de Mar, Lloret de Mar. The modern ECO style is based on the unity of man and nature in an urban environment.




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The integrity of the environment, natural materials and tones, moderate natural decoration – this is what distinguishes ECO design from other interiors.

The modern ECO style is based on the unity of man and nature in an urban environment.



The recognizable features in the bedroom design are:

  • natural decoration of walls, floor and ceiling
  • characteristic colors of nature
  • concise decoration and accessories
  • smooth lines
  • lack of contrasts
  • discreet placement of equipment
  • bright lighting
  • comfortable furniture without luxuries
  • natural fabrics
  • energy saving systems
  • metal, plastic and synthetic waste
  • weightless curtains
  • abundance of living vegetation
  • desire for simplicity.

Another characteristic difference is the ability to decorate the walls with wallpaper or panels with realistic photos of wildlife. Deciduous forest, mountain ranges or a winter landscape perfectly complement the overall image of the room.


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The ECO style bedroom is very quiet


The color scheme of the bedroom in ECO style

Natural combinations of colors and textures are reflected in the ECO color scheme.


The style favors natural tones

  • brown
  • gray
  • yellow
  • green
  • blue
  • black
  • beige
  • sand
  • white
  • linen
  • straw

Neutral pastel colors work best for this room.


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Bedroom lighting

The lighting fixtures for this room are selected simply, with a discreet but technically modern design. They must be equipped with low consumption light bulbs.

During the day, the ECO-style room is illuminated naturally through the windows, which are not recommended to be covered with dense and heavy fabrics.



The afternoon and night are the time for artificial lighting, which is represented by:

  • compact central chandelier without decoration
  • cylindrical or rounded suspended structures
  • hidden halogen lighting above the bed or around the perimeter of the room
  • table lamps on bedside tables in the shape of balls
  • stylized floor lamps with ethnic motifs.

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Bedroom materials and decoration

Following the ideas of conciseness and simplicity, the Eco style demands the most natural finish without pretensions, high ostentatious cost and luxury.

The most economical and logical choice for wall decoration is wood. The area behind the bed can be made in the form of a large pile of firewood or a log cabin. It looks good imitating palette or paint with a patina effect.

The ceiling is usually painted in one color or made to resemble a tree. You can use a tensioned or hinged roof option. In the bedroom, there are often decorative beams on the ceiling, behind which it is convenient to hide communications.



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The floors are covered with rough ceramic tiles, covered with cork or matte laminate.



An ecological bedroom should be as free as possible of unnecessary elements.



Therefore, the furniture is represented by a minimum:

  • a spacious bed on strong legs in the form of logs or bars
    rustic dressing table with mirror
  • a chest of drawers or a wooden wardrobe with slight wear on the doors and drawers

Bedside tables, appearance and material echoing the bed.

An interesting idea would be an aquarium with an abundance of green algae and real fish.




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